Our Minis

Meet our wonderful therapy minis. Ranging from 36” tall to 26”, each horse has
hours of training, up-to-date on all vaccines and fully insured.



chocolate gelding, 36” tall

Tonka has been doing therapy work for a few years now. He stands at 36” tall and
is my oldest mini, currently 22 years old. He is super laid back and calm in parades and
other events. Tonka loves apples and treats and likes to be taken for walks. He loves
meeting children and has a very sweet personality! You will always leave with a
smile after you meet Tonka!



palamino & white pinto mare, 30” tall

Standing at 30” tall, banshee has one bright blue eye and
one brown eye. We call her the “flying potato” because even though
she is stout and round, she loves to run and is super fast! Banshee loves to eat!!
Grass, hay, grain, treats whatever... but we make sure to watch her weight,
minis can get fat fast! She loves to get her hair colored and loves wearing
sparkly stuff! Total diva for sure but an amazing personality. Banshee loves
to take selfies with you so make sure to grab your phone.



palamino and white pinto dwarf mare, 26” tall

Peaches is super tiny! She has inherited the dwarf gene which causes her to be
small and stout but that doesn’t stop her from doing big things! Peaches is super sweet
and loves green apples! She loves going to the local hair dresser to meet her friends
as well as other local shops in-town to say “hi”. Peaches can do short visits
only due to her arthritis in her legs, but loves children and people of all ages.


mr. buttons

chocolate dwarf gelding, 26” tall

Mr. Buttons is super tiny like Peaches! We found him at a farm in Louisiana, and
knew he would be a perfect companion for his big sister Peaches! Buttons
also has the genetic disorder dwarfism, but he loves attention and is super friendly.
He loves going for walks and meeting new people. Buttons is curious and is
always investigating new things! You will fall in love with him the minute
you meet him, because we sure did.



black and white pinto gelding, 32” tall

Charlie is a super sweet boy. His story is very special to us. We got him
as an owner surrender/rescue. This little guy was neglected, skinny,
in poor shape and living alone for over 2 years. Before that he was
passed from owner to owner with no one ever giving him a chance,
until he found us. We knew he would be an amazing therapy horse
just based on his kindness and personality. He is currently in training and
will be joining the team soon! Charlie is going to be doing great things!



cremello pinto dwarf colt, 22” tall, 5 months old

This new little rescue was pulled from an auction in Tennessee. With an amazing team
of people, Joshton Dolan, Cella Garro and Jocelyn Gibson, he is now part of our tiny herd.
Stay tuned for more great adventures with this little guy!